Environmental issues are very important to us at the Chilli and Herb Farm Packaging, bags and recycling bottles All the paper and plastic bags we use are made from recycled products. We sell a reusable shopping bag made of natural jute which shamelessly has our fantastic logo printed on it. All our bottles can be recycled, rinse them out, bring them back to us and we will sterilise and reuse them, and you will get 10p off your next order. We can’t reuse the tops but if you bring them back we will make sure they get recycled by the local council. Fuel After a bit of searching we have now found a supplier of bio diesel to run our vans and the heated polytunnel. It is 20p a litre cheaper and carbon neutral as it is made from used cooking oil. Electricity comes from companies supplying renewables. There are quite a few companies supplying green electricity. We use n-power juice which is recommended by Greenpeace at the time of writing. Water Rain water is used wherever possible. It is collected from the roofs and any outside benching. It is used for watering adult plants, cleaning pots,vans and anything for which mains water is not needed. Peat We do not use any peat in our growing process. Peat bogs are very unique environments and also large carbon sinks, we think they should not be dug up. We buy our compost in bulk but, just for gardening and small scale growing, B&Q make a Peat Free Based Multi Purpose Compost. If you are local to us, Kings Toll Nursery in Matfield sell a range of Peat Free Composts. Cleaning Products Cleaning Products are major pollutants of the environment. We use Ecover products as they make a range of professional and home cleaning products that biodegrade very quickly, are made of plant based products and are made in one of the most environmentally friendly factories in Europe.