love chillies:the chilli and herb farm

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Why Love Chillies? – because we love them and everything about them.

Why Love Chillies? – 28 varieties this year. You too can grow them as we sell plants when in season.

We Love Eating them – They are so much better fresh. You can get them fresh at a farmers market near you, as long as you are near us!

We Love Cooking with them – You can taste the results of our cooking. We make a stunning range of dips, sauces, jams, oils & vinegars.

We Love the fact they are healthy – We are sure that they are going to be a wonder food of the 21st Century.

We Love Chilli-a-bilia – This our range of chilli related items we sell including tee shirts, shirts, second hand & new books, home decoration & lighting, and anything else we can find or make with a chilli theme (please note these items are not available for sale at farmers markets).

And most of all…… We Love selling them because that means we can keep growing, eating & cooking more!